Top problems in the MLS

mls logoSoccer in the United States is one of the fastest growing sports out there. However, the US has had trouble gaining respect from other country know for soccer across the world. The MLS is a prime example of the loss of that respect. The MLS could be one of the best upcoming and the one of the top development league in the world if they play their cards right. Here are the top five things wrong with the MLS.  Read More »


Will Grier: Big 12 owner




The Big 12 has a lot of potential in the way of both established quarterbacks and there are a few up and coming quarterbacks to keep an eye on. A few to name are Kyler Murray, Charlie Brewer, Brock Purdy and Tyler Cornelius. Kyler Murray is essentially playing for fun as he signed a four million dollar contract to be the ninth pick in the 2018 Major League Baseball Draft. Lets now talk about the long road to redemption that Will Grier has had. He was the starter at the University of Florida and led them to a six and zero undefeated record. He was then suspended for the use of PED’S( Performance Enhancing Drugs), and after speaking with his coaches, Will transferred to West Virginia University. Not to take anything away from Skylar Howard but, Grier was a big improvement in my own eyes. He was what the team needed a new wind to help the offense gain some traction.

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WVU sports are too stereotyped

blue lot 2

West Virginia as a state is stereotyped all the time. There are the state stereotypes that everyone knows about and then there are the West Virginia University student stereotypes that we all know about. From burning couches, to drinking at all times of the day, or just being hillbillies. I never thought about how West Virginia sports could ever be stereotyped…until now.

There was recently an article published on titled “Moonshine and the Mountaineers: West Virginia’s tailgate tradition”. This was a fairly long article that talked about drunk people, tailgating, and well, moonshine. Maybe Barstool Sports would post an article about drunk Pitt or Alabama tailgaters, but never ESPN. Leave it to the West Virginia Mountaineers. 

This makes me wonder, as a student here, are West Virginia sports somewhat looked down upon compared to other schools just because of where we are from? Why aren’t they still talking about how amazing our game against Texas was? Being from the state of Michigan, I hadn’t thought this was a thing, since the University of Michigan and Michigan State University are looked at as rather prestigious universities. 

Sophomore Mountaineer fan and West Virginia native, Allyssa Michalski, is sometimes disappointed with the way her state is represented in the media.

“Being from West Virginia, I think we are stereotyped for sure, in almost every aspect of our lives. I get that every place in the U.S. has its own stereotypes, but here, it’s different. I for sure even see it in the athletics”, Michalski said. 

Michalski lived in West Virginia up until she was 14 and attends WVU, but now her permanent home is in New Jersey. She says that living in a different state she definitely notices people look down on Appalachia.

“I remember one time I was talking to this guy about how West Virginia didn’t have any professional teams and he made a joke about how all we have is the WVU or Marshall teams, as if it was a bad thing”, Michalski discussed. 

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WVU needs better student ticketing strategy


West Virginia University is home to over 28,000 students, but the capacity at the Mountaineer Field at Milan Puskar Stadium is only 60,000 seats. Because tickets are part of a student’s tuition, every student should be allowed a seat if they want one.

A stadium renovation would help make the situation better, but that is not an easy change to make. However, there are quicker and more efficient ways to make the student section larger but still have space in the stadium for alumni, parents and any other fans. Read More »

WVU Soccer gains some late-season confidence

On October 23rd, West Virginia University Mens Soccer defeated Pittsburgh 2-1. These two rivalry teams play every season in the Backyard Brawl.

In the 2017 season, Pitt defeated WVU 7-0.  This year, Head Coach Marlon LeBlanc was happy with the outcome.

“We really shut it down. That’s hopefully the sign of a championship team”, LeBlanc said. “They’re a competitive team and they play hard, but when we play we’re tough to stop. I thought we were, especially in the 2nd half, a better team. Shots ended 14-5,” said LeBlanc.

The team faces Bowling Green on October 26th, then Northern Illinois to finish the season on November 3rd. With two games left to play, the team is working on perfecting their game.

“We’re starting to hit our stride a little bit. I believe in this team, we’re good enough,” said LeBlanc. “There’s no doubt about it. We’re playing our best soccer at the right time of year”.

But he knows that the team still has more potential, and he is excited to see what they can do come playoffs.

“I think we still have another level we can go to.. a championship level”, said LeBlanc. “We’re getting better down the stretch. Hopes are is that we can stay humble”, LeBlanc ended with.

All in all, LeBlanc knows his team can succeed this season, but only time can tell. 

Owen N. Howland