Will Grier: Big 12 owner




The Big 12 has a lot of potential in the way of both established quarterbacks and there are a few up and coming quarterbacks to keep an eye on. A few to name are Kyler Murray, Charlie Brewer, Brock Purdy and Tyler Cornelius. Kyler Murray is essentially playing for fun as he signed a four million dollar contract to be the ninth pick in the 2018 Major League Baseball Draft. Lets now talk about the long road to redemption that Will Grier has had. He was the starter at the University of Florida and led them to a six and zero undefeated record. He was then suspended for the use of PED’S( Performance Enhancing Drugs), and after speaking with his coaches, Will transferred to West Virginia University. Not to take anything away from Skylar Howard but, Grier was a big improvement in my own eyes. He was what the team needed a new wind to help the offense gain some traction.

He immediately made in impact in his first career game going 31-53 with 371 yards passing and three touchdowns to one interception in a losing effort. He also immediately gained a solid rapport with the receiving core here. His favorite targets became the JUCO transfer and WVU returnee David Sills, Gary Jennings, and the ever so versatile Ka’ruan White. He hooked up with Sills for 18 touchdowns in an injury shortened season for Grier. Emotions were riding high into the WVU-Texas game played here in Morgantown last year and that was a game most fans will remember with a bit of remorse. Grier ended up breaking his finger and being done for the season while he was in the midst of a career year. Then WVU’s season began to crumble beneath them landing them in the bowl game against Utah, which we would lose. This year Grier was back with a vengeance. Sills, Jennings, and now throw Marcus Simms into the mix and Grier is lighting it up again.

He is a Heisman Candidate along with Murray from the Big 12, and Garder Minshew who is quietly having a great season under Mike Leach at Washington State. The touchdowns are flying out of Grier’s hands again and the team has coasted to a seven and one record heading into this weekends game against an injury plagued TCU. WVU Coach Dana Holgorsen has fully confidence putting the ball in Grier’s hand at the end of the games in critical situations. The Mountaineers were down by seven and WVU had the ball and with 16 seconds left Grier threw a dot off his back foot to Gary Jennings. Which led to this Gus Johnson Quote, ““AHHHHHHHHHHHH! WHAT A CATCH, GARY JENNINGS!”. It was an immaculate play and a great play by and even better performer in Grier. WVU Students would agree that Will Grier had some guts throwing that ball. Also he would go for the two point conversion and convert it himself giving the Mountaineers a solid comeback victory over the Longhorns. Furthermore Grier is having seasons for the record books here at WVU and personally a lot of people plus myself cannot wait for him to succeed for the rest of this season, but also hopefully in the NFL sometime soon in the future. 


–By  Andrew Spiegelman


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